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Being a technology passionate, there are a lot of tech news we require to get our self modified and there are lots of tech news websites that are giving the latest details on that. But to choose the right ones and select the best between them is significant. Here are 10 Top Tech news websites that would be helpful to you to get the improvements about latest tech,  social media and Google , you tube, linked in and Facebook.
Are you one of them techies. If you are reading this post, its possible you are. I am a big fan latest technology. Maintaining you updated with latest technology offers a excellent benefit in every part of life. So you must keep yourself updated with latest and trending technologies. Now I am planning to list Top best technology websites in world, which helps you keep updates with latest tech.
Between top few sites, this one is the greatest tech news website to get the information about technology, reviews on smartphones, tech videos. C net also includes latest topics like smart home devices and electronic accessories similar to cars. C net posts unbiased product opinions and instruct users to learn how to get most of from the devices.
Tech crunch:
Tech Crunch is one the most effective technology websites in the world. It is founded by Michael Arrington. For most recent products and tech news, Tech Crunch is an great blog for latest technologies news.
The verge:
The Verge founded in 2011 in relationship with vox media, get very favorite in very less time. It handles the most of topics on technology like smartphones, apple, android, ios, google, laptop reviews and tablet reviews etc.
Mash able:, founded in 2005 by Pete cashmoore is one like great website that each and every techie will connect to.


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