Open Cart is an online store management system. It is PHP based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. Support is offered for a lot of languages and currencies, and it is easily accessible under the GNU General Public was actually developed in 1998 by Christopher G. Mann for Walnut Creek CDROM and later The FreeBSD Mall. The first public release was on the May 11, 1999. Developed in Perl, the project saw little action, and progress stalled in 2000, with Mann posting a message on April 11 stating "other requirements are keeping me from Open Cart development".
Related to other platforms like Shopify and PrestaShop, Open Cart has a really friendly management dashboard. All of the choices are very simple and user-friendly: Catalog, Sales, Extensions, System.
Site speed is one of the key points that impacts customer’s shopping experience. Open Cart shopping cart is compact e-Commerce solution that uses AJAXtechnology in order to decrease load time and thus improve store speed. Open Cart admin panel is simple to use doesn’t need too much time to get through the learning curve.
Open Cart is an open source and free shopping cart. The installation cost is equal to zero. Evaluating to other shopping carts, servicing costs are truly low too. Practically any kind of hosting is appropriate for Open Cart and will cost only a few dollars per month.  will be able to easily handle store management and modification on  own, so there will be no need to hire a developer. Additionally, are able to choose between free themes or pick paid one for exclusive design and multiple tax zones.
Open Cart offers a chance to setup multiple tax zones, so taxes will be paid based upon on a country, where goods will be purchased and shipped to. and  23 payment gateways set by default and additional ones in the Open Cart extension section. With innovative report system store owners are able to calculate the total amount of sales per day/week/month. Moreover, you will have a possibility to track which products customers are most interested in.
Advantage of open cart
It can be easily installed on shared hosting with thousands of products. Initially, may not require to spend in specific server. and It is very fast. Shop with 20 or 30 thousand of products can work on the cheap shared hosting.
It is achievable to install Google Analytics for the user, without touching the code. Just designed reports orders, returns of goods, etc. Besides all the above in  Open Cart there is a probability to extradite discount coupons and gift certificates, a bind discounts and promotions for specific products and make its working partnership program for business expansion.
 Free model of the script is not as rich when it comes to capabilities as PrestaShop or Magento, but it's, at least in part, balanced by about 1600 free and 4000 paid plugins. However it's not so excellent when looking at it more carefully. These numbers involve plugins for all versions. If you're looking just at the latest version, you get "only" 1500 plugins. Still it doesn't mean you will have your pick. 
MVC model used in the script creates it quite easy to "get around" the code and change it by programmers. Particularly by those programmers, who've worked with MVC before. The script, unlike PrestaShop, is not depended on a "Smart" style template system, but there's a clear structure of graphics templates. That's why there should be no problem setting up the shop's look. Open Cart certainly is import in Excel.
Dis Advantages of open cart
It generally occurs, that when buying some plugins for open Cart and then upgrading the script to a newer version, some of the functions will not work or show errors. Many plugin authors releases updates, but sometimes it could take a while. open Cart is that it hasn't good connect system like in the Drupal or Event system like in the Symfony. Functions have just seemed in open Cart 2.0 and they are at the beginning stage of development. Without it can do nothing programmatically from your module?  can’t even add new menu item without modifying the open Cart core code. can do it personally or use vQmod for it. vQmod is a very bad solution because it changes the core files using string functions and causes a lot of issues. 
Basic un optimized version of the script creates the client to download about 500 KB of just CSS and JavaScript code. It's about the same amount as for magneto, several times as much as for PrestaShop and almost 13 times more than for Quick Cart. But Open Cart isn't as developed as magneto. Fortunately it's easy to solution for a programmer. HTML code to amount of provided contents ratio is quite nice.
Open Cart is an exciting alternate for PrestaShop. It's a very good program for beginners and advanced programmers/shop owners. It works fine with almost any number of products. It needs more server sources then Quick. Carry but much less than PrestaShop or particularly magneto Good tech support and a large number of free add-ons create for good cart's development options, as well as a good start for  business..


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